The fifth edition of the Canadian Achievement Test (Cat5) is the first web-based edition. This means that Cat5 is administered online using tablets or computers and teachers can receive reports as soon as they complete a subtest.

Schools have the opportunity to try Cat5 at no cost by participating in the national study.

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benefits to students and teachers

Cat5 provides curriculum-based language and mathematics assessments. There are separate mathematics assessments for WNCP and Ontario.

Test at Any time

Teachers may test in the fall of 2022 to assess how well students learned the previous year’s curriculum (providing a great review for students), and/or they may test in the spring as part of a summative assessment.

Request Reports

Teachers can request reports showing the strengths and needs of each student as soon as students complete an assessment. (The teacher does not have to do any scoring; all scoring is automated in the system.) So there is no delay in the identification of content and process skills in need of remediation for particular students.

Professional Development for Teachers

The study provides professional development for teachers. Teachers are provided a 45-minute training session and ongoing support in their use of the web-based assessment system. This helps teachers become more comfortable with using web-based assessment resources.

Engaging to Students

The web-based assessments are engaging to students and provide students with more experience using web-based assessment interfaces.