About Cat5

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Cat5 and CAT4.


Cat5 is web-based

CAT4 is paper-based

Teachers are able to monitor students online during administration

Teachers must walk around the classroom to monitor students during administration

Cat5 offers web-based practice questions and instructional videos

CAT4 offers paper-based practice tests and is administered by teacher

Cat5 offers multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank and drag-and-drop response formats.

CAT4 offers multiple-choice response format.

Cat5 reports are generated immediately

CAT4 reports are generated after data capture and processing

2022 Curriculum Update

2007 Curriculum Update

Math subtests: different for WNCP and Ontario

Math subtests: same for WNCP and Ontario

Mathematics scores reported by strand and process skill

Mathematics scores reported by strand

Real World Math subtests for grades 4 and 7

2023 Norms: National, Western/Northern, Ontario

2007 Norms: National, Western/Northern, Ontario, Atlantic

Cat5 has an Audio option

CAT4 had no Audio option